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Support available in Bexley

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Bexley currently have a range of schemes to help those who are experiencing fuel poverty. These include the Bexley Warm Homes Scheme, which provides a range of measures to help those residents who are looking to cut their fuel bills, and the Bexley Staying Put scheme to help people remain in their own homes in comfort and safety. Benefits advice is also available, alongside help with financial planning and household budget advice. Bexley Mencap also offer a local befriending service. More details of the services available can be found below.

Borough website:

Bexley Staying Put

Helping people remain in their own homes in comfort and safety. For older, vulnerable and disabled residents. Help and advice on home repairs, improvements and adaptations.

0208 303 7777

Bexley Warm Homes Scheme
Working to help residents cut their energy bills; funding from the Department of Health
Open to all adult residents, not just those who are elderly.
Free Energy Advisor visits- include guidance on energy saving/ energy efficiency measures, advice on grants and discounts for insulation measures.
A visiting energy advisor can also fit some simple energy saving measures
Some older residents may also be eligible for a comfort pack.
0208 303 7777

Bexley Mencap
Stephanie Raven- Befriending Co-ordinator
0208 303 6336

Housing and Financial Adviser
Information and advice on benefits/ financial planning/ household budgetary advice.
Prioritise those residents affected by recent cap to welfare benefits.

For a full list of the services available in Bexley, including services by tenure, please see the borough information pdf below.

London Fuel Poverty Hub Borough Information Bexley



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