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Help available in Bromley

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Bromley do not currently have a main fuel poverty programme. Benefits advice is available online however, and via Bromley Town Citizens Advice Bureaux, whilst Bromley Social Services can help with provision of a Carelink community alarm. Further services may become available this winter, depending on funding; you can find details of existing services below.

Borough website:

Bromley foodbank
For details of venue, opening times and eligibility criteria, and a contact form please see the website

Bromley Town Citizens Advice Bureaux
Please note; some bureaux can only give advice to people living or working in a certain area. Please check with the bureaux that they are able to help you.
020 8315 1940

Carelink community alarm scheme
Bromley Social Services Direct
020 8461 7777
020 8464 7350 (text phone)

For further information on what services are available in Bromley, including by tenure, please see the borough pdf below.

London Fuel Poverty Hub Borough Information Bromley


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