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Services available in Islington

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Islington SHINE (Seasonal Health Interventions Network)

SHINE refers residents to a package of almost 30 services, and provides a single point of referral to assist service providers in providing a comprehensive service to clients/ patients.

Some of the services covered by SHINE include:

Further details on the services covered by SHINE are given below:

Befriending Services        

Benefit Checks


Energy Doctor in the Home         
The Energy Doctor can spend several hours with householders, providing:

  • Advice on bills
  • Behavioural advice, particularly on using heating effectively
  • Fitting small measures such as basic draught exclusion, CFLs, radiator panels and OWL energy monitors. Providing Warm Packs.

The scheme is aimed at the elderly, disabled/ long term ill and low income families with children.

Falls Assessments   

Handyperson Service       

Older People’s Enablement Service

Safe and Warm      
Grants for 100% of the cost of heating, insulation and security measures.
Must be an owner-occupier or leaseholder, and receive a qualifying benefit, to qualify.  

Warmth on Prescription (2015/16 only)

Joint DECC/LB Islington-funded project to provide energy efficiency improvements for those with serious health conditions. Cross-tenure.

Telecare applications       

SHINE can be contacted at the SHINE Hub:

0800 953 1221 or 020 7527 8203.

A referral form can be found here

Any vulnerable resident can be referred, although SHINE would particularly like to receive referrals on behalf of those aged 75+, those who have long-term health conditions, or have children under 5 at home.

Other Services available in Islington

Islington Fuel Switch        
Islington Fuel Switch allows residents to compare fuel bills to make sure they’re getting the best deal
They can also provide help with green tariffs
0800 410 1240

Islington Telecare  

Different levels of service; monitoring service £3.30 per week, full service £7.46 per week.

Funding may be available

Referrals via SHINE or call 020 7527 5456

Energy Advice Team        
Advice over the phone on:

  • Insulation
  • No cost and low cost ways to save energy
  • Efficient heating systems
  • Low energy lighting
  • Local and national grants and discount schemes
  • Understanding bills
  • Renewable energy technologies

For a list of the services available in Islington by tenure, please see the borough pdf below.

London Fuel Poverty Hub Borough Information – Islington


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