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Help available in Kensington and Chelsea

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The Healthy Homes scheme can help those residents of Kensington and Chelsea who are having trouble keeping warm at home. They provide a range of services, including income maximisation and benefit checks, help with energy efficiency measures, heating repairs and emergency heating for vulnerable residents in cold weather. Other services available in the borough include befriending schemes, Telecare and help for private tenants and homeowners with home improvement and small repairs. For a full list of the services available in the borough, including eligibility criteria, please see below.

Healthy Homes                                   
The Healthy Homes Team can help those who are having trouble keeping warm at home:

  • Income maximisation and benefit checks
  • Reducing fuel bills by switching supplier
  • Help with making homes more energy efficient, e.g. through installation of insulation or heating system upgrade
  • Emergency heating to vulnerable residents in cold weather
  • Up to 3 portable heaters, ‘gifted’ to a resident
  • Heating repairs subject to funding
  • Installation/ replacement of central heating systems for O/Os and some private tenants, if on benefits or low income
  • Where a resident is in privately rented accommodation that is insufficiently heated/ insulated, Healthy Homes can take the matter to enforcement officers in Environmental Health

Befriending scheme                                      
For inpatients at St Charles hospital, whose home address is in the borough.
Patients receive weekly visits from a volunteer who can continue to meet once the resident leaves hospital, and can support return to community life.
Befriending team: 020 7938 8295 or

Deafblind UK London Outreach project                    
Deafblind UK are setting up befriending services in some parts of London (inc. RBKC) for people with combined sight and hearing loss.
0800 132320

Keep Warm Grant                                
A home owner or tenant of a property may apply for a grant up to £7, 500 per dwelling.
The grant is intended to provide a decent level of warmth in the home and improve its SAP rating
Works will typically include installation of a more efficient central heating system and, where possible, insulation works
Grants team: 020 7361 3002 or email

Staying First                             
Help for private tenants and homeowners with home improvement and small repairs.
They also operate a Handyperson Service for all residents over 60, regardless of housing situation.
The service can perform small jobs and is low cost, and available to residents in all types of housing. Financial help may be available for those on a low income.
020 8996 8890

Age UK K&C may also be able to help with smaller home maintenance jobs, such as gardening or sorting paperwork. There is not usually a cost, but donations are always welcome.
020 8969 9105

Residents should contact their social worker or occupational therapist if they have one, if not:
Social services: 020 7361 3013 or

Community Alarm Service: 020 7605 6509 or
There is also information on suppliers on the RBKC website, from whom equipment can be bought directly.

For a list of the services available in Kensington and Chelsea by tenure, please see the borough pdf below.

London Fuel Poverty Hub Borough Information Kensington and Chelsea

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