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What’s available in Wandsworth?

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Wandsworth are currently offering a dedicated fuel poverty scheme through a new charity Fuelbanks and Families, providing a debt management support and advice service and other immediate practical solutions to local families struggling with the challenges of poverty.  Age UK Wandsworth operate both a handyperson and a befriending service. Telecare is available via the council access team, and council tenants are eligible for free energy saving lightbulbs as part of a council initiative. For a full list of the schemes operating in Wandsworth, alongside contact information and eligibility criteria, please see below.

Wandsworth borough website:

Fuelbanks and Families

A new charity working to reduce Fuel Poverty. Offering support and advice to families struggling to pay their fuel bills in the Wandsworth area.

020 3696 5330

Age UK Wandsworth Be-a-Friend service
For those who live alone, are housebound, and are aged 60 or over.
Information and support (inc. benefit checks), Be-a-Friend volunteers, telephone Befriending.
020 8877 8957

Age UK Wandsworth Handyperson Service
Available to anyone aged 60 plus. Minor repairs, DIY and other small jobs including:
Changing light bulbs
Fitting draught excluders
Taking down and putting up curtains
Moving furniture
Falls prevention work (inc. changing lightbulbs) is free, other work is charged at £15 per hour (excluding materials, which they can procure).
020 8877 8949 (Handyperson service coordinator)/ 020 8877 8940 (reception)

Free light bulb scheme     
Council tenants are eligible for free energy saving light bulbs as part of a council initiative.
Council tenants can claim up to four free bulbs by bringing their rent book to the housing reception at 17-27 Garratt Lane, London, SW18 4AE.
New tenants will receive their bulbs when they collect their keys.

Just Retirement Scheme  
Wandsworth have a link with Just Retirement Solutions (an equity release adviser) to help homeowners get loans from £5000 for building work.
A variety of loans is available through the scheme, with various repayment options, and they also provide financial advice about the effects of taking out the loan.
To apply for the scheme, residents must be:
A homeowner over 60 years
A disabled homeowner of any age, or with a disabled person living in the household
Wandsworth recommend talking to a bank or building society, and to seek independent financial advice before making a commitment.

To check eligibility, contact the Access Team:
020 8871 7707

Wandsworth Council homes         
020 8871 6864 or 020 8871 8327

For heating and hot water defects, tenants should contact the contractor (Smyth and Byford) direct on
0800 028 0824

Private Housing Team       
020 8871 6171 (9:00 – 17:00)

Wandsworth foodbank
Wandsworth foodbank operates at a range of locations across the borough. For further details, including locations, opening times and eligibility criteria please see the website.

For a list of the services available in Wandsworth by tenure, please see the borough pdf below.

London Fuel Poverty Hub Borough Information Wandsworth


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