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New approaches to fuel poverty- towards integrated approaches to health, energy and social justice

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Last week we attended an event hosted by the London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC), as part of its Climate Change Leaders for a Low Carbon London Project. LVSC is the collaborative leader of London’s voluntary and community sector, and the event brought together around 70 organisations representing the voluntary and community sector, housing associations, local authorities and NHS England to explore how fuel poverty can be tackled more effectively, using integrated approaches to health, energy, social justice and climate change.

Speakers and delegates discussed key policy measures needed to help develop a more effective integration of work on fuel poverty, health, energy and climate change, and the best ways to influence policy makers at a local, regional and national level. Actions to improve the working practices of service providers, by joining up fuel poverty work and energy saving measures, were also discussed, alongside the most effective ways to initiate projects and programmes on fuel poverty, energy saving, community energy and local sustainability.

Speakers on the day included representatives from the NHS, National Energy Action, Age UK, Repowering London and the Energy Bill Revolution. Delivering a speech on local and national policy and action, Jenny Saunders from National Energy Action, and a member of the Government’s Fuel Poverty Action Group praised the Fuel Poverty Hub as a valuable tool in the fight against fuel poverty in London.

You can find further details from the event, including some of the presentations, here. The LVSC will also be publishing a report in the next few weeks, containing recommendations made on the day. In the meantime, you can also contact Sandra van der Feen for more information;


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