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Healthy Places Fuel Poverty & Health Toolkit

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Established by the UK Health Forum, the Healthy Places website focuses on factors affecting public health that are new, interesting or often not fully understood or recognised. It provides a wealth of useful information and resources for health professionals, health and wellbeing boards and local authorities, and explains the operation of laws and potential policies that could enable or place limits on local government and community activity and affect the health of a community.

Key themes covered on the site include access to healthy food, alcohol control, enabling active travel and healthy housing. As part of the latter, they have a dedicated Fuel Poverty and Health Toolkit, which covers a range of resources including:

  • Case studies demonstrating the steps communities are already taking to tackle fuel poverty
  • Links to national reports and key websites that discuss the causes of fuel poverty and how best to tackle it
  • Up-to-date links to information on Government programmes such as ECO, the Winter Fuel Payment Scheme and the Warm Homes Discount.
  • National fuel poverty data and useful statistical sources for the UK, alongside further links to research, reports and data related to fuel poverty, cold homes and health

The toolkit also has a range of other useful links, including to resources for vulnerable individuals, energy efficiency information, and home improvement, energy savings and income maximization support. Why not take a look?

The UK Health Forum is an alliance of organisations, public health professionals and academics working to reduce the risk of avoidable, non-communicable disease at a local, national, regional and international level. You can find more information about their work here.


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