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Cold@Home – A journalistic investigation of fuel poverty

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Across Europe and North America, fuel poverty is on the rise: as many as 100 million people are estimated to be unable to afford to keep their homes adequately warm during winter months.

EnAct (The Energy Action Project), in association with multiple partners, presents Cold@Home, a multimedia project that investigates the underlying causes of fuel poverty, its impacts on people and society, and the measures being taken by diverse actors to address it.

Cold@Home’s underlying message is that fuel poverty is not about being poor. In most cases, the combination of low quality housing and high energy prices drives people into financial hardship, ultimately compromising their health and well‐being.

Cold@Home will evolve as it unfolds. EnAct will welcome questions from it audiences, accept ideas for new stories or angles, and engage with additional experts as needed.


See the full press release here:



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