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Influence the Mayor’s Fuel Poverty Action Plan

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The Mayor of London has published a draft Fuel Poverty Action Plan – and is looking for your comments.

More than 355,000 households in London are in fuel poverty, with many more struggling at the margins to pay their energy bills and live comfortably in their homes. Between 2013 and 2014, 69% of the national increase in fuel poverty occurred in London. Given that people in the capital tend to live in smaller properties and that London has  warmer winter weather than much of the country, this suggests that there are a range of financial and social issues at play, particularly related to the wider cost of living in London, rising energy prices and stagnating incomes.

The new Fuel Poverty Action Plan sets out very practical and welcome steps that the Mayor and the GLA plan to take to alleviate fuel poverty. You can read the document at

Comments are welcomed until 17 November – so be sure to have your say!

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