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Want to know more about fuel poverty and its effects? Follow the links below to a selection of research papers about health, housing, economy, energy and environment:

Research into the Behaviours and Attitudes of the Fuel Poor in England

A report presenting the findings of quantitative and qualitative research into the behaviours and attitudes of the fuel poor in England. Published by BEIS in November 2017.

Being Warm – Being Happy: Understanding Disability Fuel Poverty and Energy Vulnerability for Adults with a Learning Disability (AWLD)

There is very little evidence of the nature and extent of fuel poverty in adults with a learning disability (AWLD). This mixed-method study sought to address that gap by understanding and characterizing fuel poverty and energy vulnerability from the perspective of AWLD.

Modelling the impact of fuel poverty and energy efficiency on health

This research investigated the links between changes in the built environment, fuel poverty and health., linking a range of housing, environmental and health ‘big’ data sets to assess the sustainability and health promoting effects of improved housing across the UK. (University of Exeter Medical School, 2017, funded by Eaga Charitable Trust)

Understanding the behaviours of households in fuel poverty

A review of research evidence, carried out by DECC, to understand the different ways in which people in fuel poverty respond to living in a cold home or facing unaffordable energy bills (2014).


Fuel poverty: how to improve health and wellbeing through action on affordable warmth

A guide from the UK Health Forum about delivering action on fuel poverty for public health professionals, health and wellbeing boards, and local authorities in England (2014).



Fuel poverty and other social considerations in planning for district heating

A research report from the University of Leeds, accompanied by a video and a great online tool to inform heat network planning (2014).


DECC Annual Report on Fuel Poverty Statistics 2014

The Annual Report on Fuel Poverty Statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (2014 – provides statistics related to 2012).


 “Getting the measure of fuel poverty”

(Interim report here)

The final report of the Hills Fuel Poverty Review, the key piece of research influencing current Government thinking about fuel poverty (2012).


In from the cold

A report by the Greater London Authority’s Health and Public Services Committee on tackling fuel poverty in London (2012)

 The Health Impacts of Cold Homes and Fuel Poverty

A report on the health impacts of cold homes and fuel poverty by the Marmot Review Team (led by Sir Michael Marmot, Dept. of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL) for Friends of the Earth (2011)

 DECC Fuel Poverty Interactive Map 2006-2011

An interactive map showing the percentage of households in poverty (2006-2011), by local authority, published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change

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