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Do you make referrals into a local fuel poverty scheme?

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If you do, we want to hear from you!!

The Health of the Nation: analysis of cost effectiveness and success factors in health-related fuel poverty schemes

SE2 Ltd and Lewisham Council are carrying out a research project to look at the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of fuel poverty referral schemes across the country. The research is funded by Eaga Charitable Trust.

There is significant evidence about the link between fuel poverty and health. However, there has been little research into the most effective ways to develop and deliver fuel poverty referral schemes.

“The Health of the Nation” research project will explore many aspects of fuel poverty schemes – from their objectives, to how they target support, to the services they provide, to their use of referral networks, to their costs – to try and tease out factors which make schemes more likely to operate successfully and to deliver value for money.

We are interested in hearing from people and organisations who make referrals into local fuel poverty schemes. We invite you to take part in our online survey. You can find the survey at:

The survey should take about 30 minutes to complete. We are happy for you to provide information in other formats (eg, reporting spreadsheets) if it is easier for you.

The survey will be open until Friday 11 November 2016.

If you’d like to know more about the research, or submit information in another format, please contact Liz Warren on or call 020 8469 1333.

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